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Posted by admin on May 23, 2018 10:07:04 AM
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Tammy Prewer
Finance & Payroll Administrator

If you weren't doing your present job, what job would you like to be doing?
Good question – because being in my 16th year with PrintFleet, I can say I haven’t given that question much thought.  I feel as though I have the personality that puts people at ease, because I have complete strangers stop me in public and start conversations with me.  I would probably be great in a medical facility where people would typically feel nervous and unsure.  I would like to be the person to give them that hug and let them know it’s going to be ok, and be able to answer all of their questions and concerns.  I think I would find that very rewarding, and I think everyone should find their job rewarding.

Your greatest strength.
Finding the humour in everything!  Life throws lots of curves our way – and in this fast paced world, stress always finds a way to enter into our everyday personal and work lives.  I’m well aware of the fact that if I didn’t laugh – I would cry.  And I strongly believe that laughter is the best medicine!!  Being able to laugh at myself, and to make others laugh is my greatest strength!

What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?
Taking ownership and being accountable are attributes that my parents instilled in me at a very young age.  I love being part of a strong team.  Working with our customers, being a resource for co-workers and continuing to find the humour in it all.  Vikram would say that “Tammy hates change” ---- but I’ve been here for 16 years, and every day something new came down the pipes.  Whether it be a “customer shuffle for Sales targets” or a new accounting software to learn, or a new way to sell our product.  And now I’m adapting to new leadership - ECi.  I wouldn’t say I “hate” change – I would say I’ve been here long enough to “tell the stories about all of the changes I’ve experienced.”

If you had to sing karaoke, which song would you choose and why?
I have played guitar since I was 13 years old – and I come from an Irish family that surround ourselves with music!  Up until about 5 years ago, I avoided karaoke at all costs!!  Singing around a campfire – and singing thru a microphone are totally different.  When you sing thru a microphone, the sound bounces back to you, and I’ve never really been comfortable “hearing” myself sing!  (And on that note – I guess I should apologize to everyone else that might have had to listen to me sing as well! Hahahaha) 

But I did recently attend a fund raiser at a local pub and I found myself on stage with friends belting out a song by the Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Woman – and you know what?  We ROCKED IT!! 

Tammy Prewer

Here I am playing the bohran drum, and dad is playing the spoons 💕My Irish roots are showing!

What is your favourite pastime/hobby?
Organizing reunions – family, co-workers from previous employers, school alumni.  I like to stay connected to people, even though we get busy with our day to day.  And when others are trying to connect – I’m the one they call to get the ball rolling.  I have no problem picking up the phone and contacting someone from 30 years ago – and starting the conversation with  “Do you know who this is?”.  

I also spend many hours on searching and building the family tree.  I find the documentation fascinating – Birth/Death Certificates, and Marriage Certificates.  So much information right at our fingertips.

And last but certainly not least ….. I love spending time with my three grandchildren ages 5, 7, and 9.  I am so lucky that they WANT to come and spend time with Grandma & Grandpa Prewer.  We have dance parties, learn to play musical instruments, and Grandpa cooks with them and helps create fairy gardens to add some magic to our weekends.  This is what keeps me young!! 

If you could go back to any time in history, when would it be and why?
Temple Bar_thumbI’m not really a history buff – but I think I would have liked to be born in Ireland (instead of being the descendant of an Irish immigrant to Canada).  I find pubs very interesting.  The music, the people, the stories.  Lots can be learned in a small tavern where people gather to relax after a hard days work.

What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding/enjoyable?
Overcoming expectations.

Your favourite snack food?
Chocolate and Pepsi.  And YES I can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi 😊  

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