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Security Considerations When Choosing an MPS Solution

Posted by Victoria Drysdale on Jan 11, 2018 8:30:00 AM

We’ve spoken at length this quarter about data security and how it relates to your business and managed print. Managed print solutions collect data from print devices and compile it in a user interface that allows you to manage supply levels, monitor devices and create efficient processes. This makes MPS providers largely responsible for keeping your data secure during transmission, while it is being stored and it's use in terms of third part integration.

We put together a list of some of our most frequently asked security questions, and included a questionnaire to help you evaluate a potential MPS partner, or determine the security of your current solution. 


Does your company comply with the applicable data protection regulations of your region?       

PrintFleet has worked hard to ensure our software complies with most North America data protection laws. We intend to comply with the European Commission's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it takes effect on May 25, 2018. For complete compliance details please see our Security and Data Privacy OverviewClick here for a complete list of data protection laws around the world.

What educational support and resources can you provide for customers on the importance of data security?

We have created a variety of eBook’s, checklists and additional resources to help you navigate the digital security of your business. Check out the security section of our blog to read up on  encryption best practices, SNMP, user management and more.

What data are you collecting and how? Do you collect print job and user data in addition to device data?

PrintFleet collects data using our data collection agent, DCA 4.x or DCA Pulse. Our software collects only critical device data necessary to manage print environments. At no point is any print job, personal or user information collected.

Is data collected encrypted?

All data is encrypted using Triple-DES, protected with the 128-bit shared key while stored and in transport, in addition to Transport Layer Security. This ensures end-to-end encryption protecting data from being read if intercepted by a third party.

What type of hosting do you employ?

Our Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution, PrintFleet Vision, is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This highly reliable platform powers more the one million active customers around the world. AWS is responsible for security of the cloud, while PrintFleet is responsible for security in the cloud. Read more about AWS and security responsibilities in our Data Security and MPS eBook

How do you ensure your hosting environment is secure?

Amazon Web Services is a highly reliable platform that powers more than one million customers around the world. The security platform includes network firewalls, encryption in transit with TLS, access control, DDoS mitigation and more. A complete list of security measures is available on their website.

What user authentication practices does your software allow?

Access to the PrintFleet Optimizer portal is controlled with permissions-based user management; authorized users must log in to the interface using a designated username and password.

Does your software allow the assignment of roles and permissions?

PrintFleet Administrators can specify exactly which features each user can view and/or use within PrintFleet Optimizer. Administrators can assign users one or more roles which specify their permissions. Users can also be granted access to one or more specific groups within the system. This allows administrators to manage users and permissions more efficiently and increases security.

How often are updates performed to keep up with the latest security regulations?

PrintFleet is continuously searching for potential vulnerabilities to proactively address any security issues. We frequently update software to ensure our solutions are complaint with the latest security best practices. 

PrintFleet is committed to providing secure software solutions that can be used in all environments. Your security is our priority, download our MPS Security Questionnaire to help you determine if your your potential MPS partner is doing their part to protect your data. 

Download MPS Security Questionnaire


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