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What is data analytics?

Posted by Jenna Guy on Apr 27, 2018 10:58:56 AM

There’s a famous line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” that goes, “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” What does this mean and what does it have to do with data? If you just replace ‘water’ with ‘data,’ this statement rings true for many businesses today. Many organizations collect large quantities of data, from sales to social media data, but unless they have the tools to analyze the information, they can’t benefit from it despite being surrounded by it. And that’s the point Coleridge is trying to make. Data, data everywhere, but no insights to be had.

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Descriptive Versus Predictive Analytics

Posted by Jenna Guy on Apr 13, 2018 2:50:24 PM

Data analytics has broad applications in information technology and beyond. With simple, easy-to-use tools that collect and visualize everything from social media data to sales data, the barrier to entry for analytics has never been lower. Businesses and organizations that are not using these tools for a more data-driven approach to their operations are at a competitive disadvantage.

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MPS: A Framework for Structuring Print Data

Posted by Jenna Guy on Feb 20, 2018 12:09:06 PM

In our last blog post we looked at the difference between structured and unstructured data. Generally, structured data refers to data that is organized using a standardized format. How the information is organized depends on a number of factors like the type of data being collected and how the data is being used. The different methods for structuring data range from simple charts and tables to advanced SQL databases. There are also countless data visualization tools that can be used to organize unstructured data and make the information usable for businesses. In this post we’ll be looking managed print services (MPS) in particular and how MPS solutions structure print data.

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Unstructured vs. Structured Data

Posted by Victoria Drysdale on Feb 15, 2018 4:33:38 PM

Connectivity, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence have impacted the amount of data produced in our world and how we use it. Previously, big data was a largely untapped resource, complexity and scale made it difficult to categorize, store and analyze. New techniques in data mining and data analytics have allowed businesses to capitalize on this information, make predictions and look for opportunities to make better decisions. In this blog, we'll take a look at the difference between unstructured and structured data, how they're put to use, and how PrintFleet structures data. 

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Is Print Data Big Data?

Posted by Jenna Guy on Feb 9, 2018 1:52:21 PM

Organizations are collecting and using more data than ever before, but the process of gathering and analyzing information isn’t new. From the abacus to the computer, using technology to identify and understand trends is a common thread we can trace throughout our history. It’s no surprise that big data has grown into a $57 billion industry and is projected to grow at a steady rate over the next four years.1 In this blog post we’ll look at the many definitions of big data and what it means in the managed print services (MPS) space.

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